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by Alejandro I, May 28 2021

Driving Injection Molding excellence with OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a metric that people often talk about. What is it? How do you measure it? This article will give you an idea of what OEE means and how to use the data in your plant.

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by Alejandro I, Feb 20 2021

Revitalizing Manufacturing with Advanced Algorithms

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Scheduling is the most important activity in manufacturing planning, it consists of determining the sequence and exact moment of each of the actions for the generation of specific production schedules.

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by Alejandro I, Jan 25 2021

Unlocking Manufacturing Efficiency Potential

Every move should deliver the maximum return at minimal effort

Maximizing the efficiency of production operations is the most important objective within a manufacturing plant. The teams of engineers within each company are responsible for ensuring that production levels and product quality improve day by day. 

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by , Jan 15 2021

On phrases like: “Get the mold for the 43!” And Why do you need a Mold Plan in your Plastic Injection Plant?

Mold on an injection molding machine.

Not having the required Mold available to deliver the product to customers is one of the most frequent situations in plastic injection molding companies.

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by Equipo Logykopt, Nov 03 2020

The New SCHEMA 3.0

The whole New SCHEMA S3 is here!

For several months we have been working on a complete renovation of the data structure at SCHEMA.

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by Alejandro I, Sep 28 2020

The one thing you’re probably not doing but your Customers want from a manufacturing partner

Interconnected Worls

Large Global Customers from the Automotive, Electronics, and Home Appliances Industry seek support with suppliers from the injection molding industry for the manufacture of their plastic components.

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by Logykopt Team, Apr 4 2020

The World vs Covid-19

We want to help in this pandemic with our manufacturing optimization algorithms.

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