Estimated scrap for raw material requirements

Estimated scrap for raw material requirements.
Know and schedule your material consumption.

SCHEMA in a matter of seconds creates a plan with the optimal combination of machine, mold and part to achieve the highest production levels, but what about material consumption and all those occasions when the delivered material was not enough due to scrap production?
Now you can continue to produce perfect parts and consider the percentage of material consumption needed to complete the scheduled production. When setting the parameters to create your optimal production schedule you can indicate an additional % of raw material that will be needed to cover the material losses due to scrap.
For example: if one of your production orders needs 1,000 kg and you know that on average an extra 3% is required, your total order requirement will be 1,030 kg.
With this new parameter you can further detail your scheduling, know in detail the consumption of materials per production order, not stop production due to lack of raw materials, as well as maintain better management methods and control of your materials warehouse.