How many injection machines do you have?

The plan depends on how many machines you want to take to the next level of optimization, select a plan that is right for you!

Our standard Plans are

Monthly Subscriptions.

Unlimited users,

and no per user fees.

  • Basic




1 to 5 machines

  • Standard



6 to 10 machines

  • Professional



11 to 17 machines

  • Premium



18 to 24 machines

  • Plus



25 to 31 machines

  • Advanced

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32 machines and up

Industrial Internet of Things

Add IoT functionality to your machines with our Industry 4.0 solution

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All plans include full access to SCHEMA

Unlimited programs

Access to KairosJasmine® unlimited computing power to optimize as many schedules as you need to take full advantage of your plant's capacity.

Register Production

Record every detail of the actual production progress. Easy and organized.

Unlimited Users

Invite anyone and everyone. No per seat charges.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor your actual production and get access to performance reports.

Priority Support

Jump to the front of the line when you need help.

Advanced Dashboard

Analyze your plant's KPIs from one place. All the metrics you need to make optimal decisions.

Summary Emails

Get emails summaries of your KPIs, customer deliveries progress and more.

Historical Data

Get access to production performance reports for every time. No limit.

Smart Cloud

24/7 access from anywhere in the World on any device.

Benefits of hosting in the Cloud

Get immediate access to our latest features with automatic upgrades

Less expensive, no servers, no storage, no maintenance - we take charge of every detail.

Do you need integration with other software or hardware?

You can continue to use your current ERP or accounting software while SCHEMA takes care of the efficiency of the production operations.
SCHEMA can be integrated with accounting, administrative, ERP and CRM software.

Microsoft Dynamics

SCHEMA: all the digital tools you need to keep molding

We help you to implement SCHEMA

The training for the use of schema is fast,
in addition to a complete and free support from our team.

collection and loading

Collection and loading

Organize the database and import it into SCHEMA



​Compare the plans prior to SCHEMA, analyze their results and feasibility.



Implement planning in the plant gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to start the SCHEMA Demo?

No. We don't ask for your credit card up front, so you'll only be charged when you decide you’re ready. If you want to continue after your free demo, we'll ask for payment details.

Do we pay extra for more people?

No. Unlike most group software, we don't charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same.

Can we cancel at any time?

There's no minimum contract for SCHEMA — cancel at any time without penalty or hassle.

What if we need a longer time to try the demo SCHEMA?

We'll be happy to give you some more time. Just let us know and we'll extend your trial.

Can we change the plan if we increase or reduce the number of machines in the plant?

Yes! Just change the plan to meet the new the number of machines and the payment will be updated.

What types of payments do you accept?

All prices are in USD, and we accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Need to pay via bank transfer? Get in touch with our sales team.

Do you offer annual subscriptions?

Yes! Annual subscriptions may offer a discount depending on the number of machines. Contact the sales team.

What if I have more questions?

We'd be happy to answer them. Click on the green bubble located at the bottom right and someone will be answer your questions or email us at

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