Discover our AI Advanced Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics Technology

KairosJasmine is our proprietary cutting-edge Advanced Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics technology which empowers SCHEMA to transform in-plant daily operations. It was specifically designed to solve complex combinatorial problems where an enormous number of combinations have to be evaluated to consistently derive an Optimal Schedule Solution.



In just a few seconds, KairosJasmine allows SCHEMA to automatically generate the Optimal Production Schedule for your Plant.


It helps accomplish the objective to maximize throughput and customer demand fulfillment, and at the same time, minimizing the total make-span.


By leveraging the power of mathematical optimization, KairosJasmine simplifies the complex planning and control process behind modern plastics manufacturing companies.

There are billions of possible Mold-Machine-Order combinations from where to choose to allocate Molds and Machines to attend specific Customer Orders.

KairosJasmine provides a schedule that guarantees continuous manufacturing by synchronizing production orders across all molds and machines.

Making scheduling simpler, more intuitive, and more productive

How KairosJasmine works