Records disabled mold cavities

Records disabled mold cavities.

Sometimes, disabling some mold cavities can be the quickest solution to avoid stopping your production. Despite the speed of emergency response, doing this affects your plant's performance.
In active production, when an installed mold cavity becomes fouled and starts to produce part defects, canceling mold cavities is a quick and timely solution that allows production to continue and pinpoints areas of the mold that require further maintenance.
On the other hand, although this is one of the best solutions and that sometimes can be lost in the daily routine, it affects the performance of the plant because it increases production time, reduces the production rate with respect to the programmed and increases scrap, besides it is a task to which a definitive solution could be sought.
SCHEMA helps you to register those unforeseen events in the production capture by editing the number of cavities that the mold has available, and thus have a production capture as real as possible that guarantees more accurate reports.
Don't worry, there is no more work to do, because by integrating this editing/logging field in your production capture you will get more accurate indicators and reports that will allow you to take action on this situation such as scheduling preventive maintenance, looking for better part-mold-machine compatibility or even including some additive to your material recipe to avoid defects in the molded parts.