Finished Product Warehouse

Finished Product Warehouse.

Keeping a finished goods inventory up to date is an overwhelming task because sometimes it can take days to do it and while the pace of work continues, the availabilities may change and you may never feel that you are done.
Inventorying your finished goods warehouse is a big task, as you have to sort and value each of the products that most likely may be in disarray as they are sometimes located in different areas of the warehouse.
SCHEMA helps you to create a permanent inventory of the finished products on your production floor by having a constant record of all the movements of each of them, whether the inputs or outputs, to the internal arrangement between warehouses, and thus you can immediately know the exact quantity, location of the product and control deliveries improving the level of service to your customers.
In the new "Finished Products Warehouse" section you can manage the availability of your products and update it at any time through the registration of incoming and outgoing products or the capture of warehouse confirmation that are assigned to orders and make a comparison of the inspected balance with the final balance captured.
On the other hand, having control of the inventory of finished products is a very important factor for the development of the plant because you can detect any error in labeling, logistics problems or even find lost products and in poor condition, in addition to managing space and produce only what is necessary.