Registration of excess resin

Registration of excess resin.

When a machine starts or ends its production process it is important to perform a resin purification, but have you ever wondered how much material you have discarded? or how much time did it take?
For example, when a machine starts its production process, it is normal that the first molded parts that come out do not meet the quality standards because the material is not in the ideal conditions for injection into the mold, so sometimes it is better to purify a little the first resin that is processed until the right quality is obtained.
On the other hand, when a production process is finished and the cleaning of the equipment and the mold begins, it is recommended to purify the excess resin that was produced in the machine's hopper. In both examples, a processed material is discarded and operation time is consumed to perform necessary cleaning activities that help not to cause imperfections in the mold, minimize scrap production and at the same time, perform the collection of this material in an efficient way.
This excess resin is commonly called "plasta" or "purge material" and in SCHEMA it is possible to keep track of it in the production capture, from the name of the material and the amount of polymer that was processed to obtain the ideal conditions that facilitate injection into the mold.
SCHEMA helps you to have a control of this material consumption, through its reports you can know the time that was invested in performing these cleaning activities and the amount of materials that were discarded, and thus, make decisions to provide improvements to the production process and / or give another opportunity to this material so it is recommended to have a space in the warehouse for collection and reuse.