Revitalizing Manufacturing with Advanced Algorithms

Scheduling is the most important activity in manufacturing planning, it consists of determining the sequence and exact moment of each of the actions for the generation of specific production schedules. A manufacturing company that does not perform scheduling activities does not yet have full control over operations.

In the plastic injection environment, scheduling or scheduling production is extremely difficult due to all the variables that come into play: cycle times, installation times, calibration times, insert times, color changes, version changes. , number of cavities in mold, availability of machines, preventive maintenance and material requirements. To this must be added that a call from a Customer with a new urgent requirement is enough to change an entire production program.

The people in charge of production scheduling continually perform calculations and analyze data to derive production times and delivery dates, but these activities take too long. The data they are based on can come from many sources within the same company, further complicating the analysis. The tool of choice: Spreadsheets with formulas, interconnections, and sometimes macros.

However, it is not enough to draw up a detailed production program, in this industry where the level of competition is dizzying, it is also necessary to have the Optimal Production Program, which is not an easy task.

Considering the objective of making the most of the finite installed capacity -plant, machines, and molds- to maximize productivity and achieve maximum customer compliance, using spreadsheets as a programming tool and the “manual” method deliver production programs that they can be up to 60% far from the optimum of production.

When a manufacturing company performs scheduling activities and has the technology to face the optimization challenge, it is able to guarantee continuous and efficient operations. On the one hand, the company becomes capable of anticipating obstacles and organizing all production activities so that the teams work in a coordinated way to meet the customer. On the other hand, it allows us to maintain a philosophy of continuous improvement because the ability to visualize the available capacity and to forecast will allow us to advance quickly and in an orderly manner towards the company’s objectives.

If you knew that there is an advanced algorithm with the ability to obtain the optimal production program in your company in just a few seconds, showing the production route to follow, revealing in which machine, mold and part the investment of time should be placed, money and resources to have the highest level of compliance and maximum performance Wouldn’t you like to have it now in your company?

At Logykopt we have dedicated ourselves to designing SCHEMA® and developing its core algorithm to be able to deliver the most advanced optimization technology and the most pleasant user experience to manufacturing companies with plastic injection molding.
Engineers checking the Optimized Production Schedule in SCHEMA

“Structured investment in R&D in state-of-the-art optimization algorithms is a constant in our company’s strategy”

We are proud of the growth it has achieved. Thanks to the investment in research and development we have been making, it is now a smart, fast, flexible, and powerful solution. SCHEMA® has become the platform on which scheduling and production teams in injection molding plants collaborate and achieve continuous high-efficiency, high-quality operation.

Alejandro Ibarra, CEO 

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