Stop using spreadsheets, start using Artificial Intelligence

production scheduling software for continuous and efficient operations injection molding businesses


Smooth and Continuous Operations

Optimize shop floor operations with artificial intelligence

Harmonize actions within a production plan that factors in molds, injection molding machines, cycle times, molding cavities, material requirements, and customer order priorities for maximum efficiency

High Efficiency

Predict, Anticipate and Collaborate

Effective scheduling that combines prediction and flexibility.

By getting ahead of what's coming, your manufacturing team converts into a highly efficient team, delivering the highest standards of performance, availability, and quality.

display showing schedule features in SCHEMA

detailed scheduling for injection molding companies

High Quality

Deliver Great Customer Service

High-Quality Operations: On-Time and In-Full production orders.

Getting to know delivery dates in advance gets you ahead of your competition.

SCHEMA is very easy to use!

timetables schedule production


Detailed time-tables for each machine for everyone on your manufacturing floor to know what to do at every day and work shift.

start and end dates

Estimated Production Dates

Know in advance and precisely when the products will be ready to be delivered to customers.

raw material requirements

Materials Requirements

Automatic Bill-of-Materials explosion for every Product. Get all the raw materials to each machine at the right time. Avoid unnecessary wait times.

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It is a practical software and very easy to use. On the production floor, it generates a great improvement in the control of raw materials, also greater control of the production and savings in time and work of the personnel in charge of planning.

SCHEMA has promoted teamwork in the plant, sales, and logistics, giving us a better visual view of the progress of orders for final delivery to the client. The schedules of mold changes are now made more effective.