Manufacturing Performance Reports for

manufacturing control software for production tracking and machine downtime control


Production & Downtime Reports

Access detailed reports and analyze what's affecting production continuity in the molding machines.

Track the most critical and recurring downtime reasons, where are they occurring, and how these relate to other significant data to help you discover how to reduce them.

High Efficiency

Automatic OEE Report

With the OEE report, you'll take full control of your manufacturing effectiveness.

OEE is all about detecting losses and how to convert them into operational Continuity, Efficiency, and Quality Excellence.

Track & Measure OEE
production control software for OEE tracking and analysis

production control software for Scrap control and quality tracking and quality assurance

High Quality

Quality and Fulfillment Reports

Customers always expect their Products to be Perfect, on-time and in-full. Injection Molding Companies that manage different Product BOMs every day, need to detect, classify, sort, and summarize all the Quality rejection reasons in a unified Report to take action to eradicate them.

Track & Measure Quality

Discover performance improvements to consistently achieve Efficiency, Quality, and Continuity in Molding Operations

Real Time

With accessible production reports, you can examine details and quickly discover improvements to grow your plant performance.

Insightful KPI Dashboards

Get the reports with the specified dates you want for more details. Get the tool you need to unleash manufacture efficiency.

Analysis Tools

Production data can be easily filtered and analyzed to have greater insights on problems and opportunities.

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It has helped me a lot in generating indicators. The indicators offered, for my position are very useful especially the downtime and scrap. On the other hand, it helps me a lot in keeping track of the progress, process time, and cycles of my manufacturing lots. It forces you to find improvements in your production area. Thanks to this, quite interesting indicators have been generated.

It is a versatile system and with important solutions to the process of production scheduling. The information that has been generated allows us to have business KPIs online.