Estimated scrap for raw material requirements.

by Eliza C., Jan 26 2023

Estimated scrap for raw material requirements

Know and schedule your material consumption.

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by Eliza R., Jul 11 2018

Capture and Control with Production Orders

Performing this capture will allow you to have more control over the production batch by batch. You will be able to compare in more detail the programmed production vs the actual advance

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by Eliza R., Jun 08 2018

Now it's easier to update all your stock of parts

You can update the Inventory regarding the advances that your team has in the capture in Production and Confirmation. You can update your inventory with respect to the last period / program completed or now also with regard to the production in progress even though it has not yet been finalized.

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by Sofía G., Jun 01 2018

New Design, more effective, agile and easy for you

At SCHEMA we have been working for a few months to make everything more effective, agile and easy for you. Today we will finally be releasing an update that will renew the SCHEMA style and there will be some changes in the order of the sections.

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by Sofía G., May 18 2018

More efficient location of preventive maintenance time

The maintenance time allocation can change from one production program to another, depending on the requirements of the machines. Being able to adjust it easily before carrying out a production program is important.

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by Sofía G., Apr 7 2018

New Schedule Tables, more practical and flexible

We present you the new Schedule Tables in SCHEMA. Keeping the precision we handle in the production times and production completion dates, we renew the tables to be more practical and flexible in the user experience.

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