Estimated scrap for raw material requirements.

by Eliza C., Jan 26 2023

Estimated scrap for raw material requirements

Know and schedule your material consumption.

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by José U., Nov 8 2018

New Filter in Program vs Advance

We have included a new data analysis functionality within the Program vs. Advance section. With the help of this new function, you have greater control over your production data. You can compare the programmed against the actual production faster and make decisions even faster.

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by Marco G., Oct 23 2018

Configurable Notifications

Now you have the possibility to configure the notifications to the email according to the Work Center.

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by Ana Luisa R., Oct 05 2018

New Customer Orders, more organized

Most of the improvements were made in the internal structure, updating and improving its stability to continue strengthening this section. Given that, almost everything continues to work the same and is in its usual place. However, here we explain some of the changes you can detect. 

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by Ana Luisa R., Sept 19 2018

Customize the Measurement Unit of your Raw Materials

We know that sometimes it is not enough to be able to control purchased components (non-molded) at the level of Finished Product or Final Assembly. So now, you can not only control the resins, pigments and additives at part level, but you can also control all the components purchased (non-molded) that you need at the foot of the machine to make your Parts.

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by Sofía G., Sept 04 2018

New Downtimes, customizable and organized

The convenience of being able to create, edit and organize your own list of Downtimes is now available in your SCHEMA application. Create all the Reasons for time that you manage in your plant and organize them in Categories to give them a professional follow-up and promote a continuous and efficient production in your plant.

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by Sofía G., Jul 13 2018

Filters per day in the Production Indicators section

The shift labels used to capture the production are now predefined from the Program. From now on you can apply filters to the indicators based on the date of the end of cut / shift.

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