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by Alejandro I, May 28 2021

Driving Injection Molding excellence with OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a metric that people often talk about. What is it? How do you measure it? This article will give you an idea of what OEE means and how to use the data in your plant.

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by Dev Team, Jun 5 2019

New Classification Tags

Now you can add special Tags to your Master Production Data. Classification Tags may be linked to each item in your data Catalogs. You may use Tags to group and organize your data to make a quick and fruitful follow up in the Reports.

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by Jose U., May 8 2019

Historical Report is here. Now!

Now you have access to a new report with the Key Performance Indicators in a whole new comparative format. With this report you'll be able to get graphical production data sectioned by Day, Week or Month. For example, you can choose to see Daily data for a Month period.

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by Emilio C., Mar 27 2019

New error prevention system in Production

Now you have an easy way to check for possible errors in Production Capture. Looking for errors in Production Capture –like missing data– can be difficult within a set of many records. That is why we've made a new way to check it fast without reviewing record by record.

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by Ely C., Mar 22 2019

New Fulfillment Report analysis tool!

Now you have access to a brand-new Fulfillment Report. This is an amazing tool. You´ll have greater control over execution times of your production. We have been developing this new report which includes a new analysis tool of your production orders performance and fulfillment.

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by Marco G., Feb 22 2019

New Quality Assesment Tools

For weeks we have been developing a feature which includes a brand-new way to classify the production scrap of your plant. The main feature is the ability to create your own Scrap Categories and specific scrap types, so these can be used later on the shop floor to capture specific scrap types along with the production data.

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by José U., Feb 5 2019

Confirmation In Warehouse

On this occasion we present a new option of Confirmation of Finished Product. The essential change is that now in the Capture / Confirmation section you can register all the entries to Warehouse that you do not yet want to assign to any specific Customer Order.

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