Tecnos NL. 4.0 Award

by Eliza C, Aug 23 2022

Tecnos NL. 4.0 Award

SCHEMA is recognized for its competence in advanced technologies and receives for the second time the Tecnos NL. 4.0 Award.

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by , Jan 15 2021

On phrases like: “Get the mold for the 43!” And Why do you need a Mold Plan in your Plastic Injection Plant?

Mold on an injection molding machine.

Not having the required Mold available to deliver the product to customers is one of the most frequent situations in plastic injection molding companies.

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by Equipo Logykopt, Nov 03 2020

The New SCHEMA 3.0

The whole New SCHEMA S3 is here!

For several months we have been working on a complete renovation of the data structure at SCHEMA.

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by Alejandro I, Sep 28 2020

The one thing you’re probably not doing but your Customers want from a manufacturing partner

Interconnected Worls

Large Global Customers from the Automotive, Electronics, and Home Appliances Industry seek support with suppliers from the injection molding industry for the manufacture of their plastic components.

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by Logykopt Team, Apr 4 2020

The World vs Covid-19

We want to help in this pandemic with our manufacturing optimization algorithms.

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by Logykopt Team, Apr 1 2020

A simple arithmetic calculation for a huge opportunity

Performing production scheduling in an injection molding plant is not easy. Generating a production plan that allows the continued use of the injection machines to take full advantage of the installed capacity is even more difficult.

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by Logykopt Team, Mar 07 2020

Welcome Unit of Measurements

Many of our Users have told us that they would love to manage other production processes, the same way they manage their injection molding processes every day with SCHEMA. Until now SCHEMA was only capable to consider integer units for the Part items.

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